Here’s why HDR, not 4K, is the most important upgrade for your next TV

“4K” is the latest buzzword with TVs.
Most advertising would have you think that 4K is akin to the leap we made from standard to high-definition TVs, but that’s not totally true.
Instead, when you’re buying your next TV, there’s another feature you should be more focused on: HDR.

“13 le 13.1 App delete dan thleng’’

Hinah ziangtin tuah ding ti um !!

Note * iPhone 6S hnu pawl cu Update a theih ṭheh!!

  1. Na App delete duh mi TAP aw

      Share App le Rearrange Apps.

Na Click len Menu a ra sal ding

Tab Rearrange nah met len X in na delete thei

     File le App Delete dan dang : …….

  1. iPhone Seeting ah feh aw
  2. Generl tab
  3. iPhone Storage .
  4. Scroll down
  5. iPhone Storage
  6. Na delete duh mi tab aw

Scam Email & Hacker Pawl in na information an fir lo nak dingah siar aw …….

Hivek in Email le Scam , Hacker pawl in na information an fir lonak dingah

Apple iOS 13 le iOS 13.1

September 19,2019 ah Apple company in

Software iOS 13 atuah I security lam, Hacker le Virus lam a safety lo ih Complaint an tong tamtuk ruangah

September 24 ah iOS 13.1 update theih dingin a run tuah sal

iOS 13.1 hi ziang bang pei maw update ve sal aw

General setting ah feh awla

Wifi thawn na update cih thei….

iOS 13 le I Phone 11

iPhone 11 asuak veten iPhones 6 i dunglam hrangah iOS 13 update theih in Apple company I release a tuah

iPhone 11 hi 4K video file

Cule Camera hi 12 MP

iOS 13 danglamnak

Dark mode le Emoji thar

Siri in awl deuh in thil hawl thei


View from Smart Phone, TV and Computer

-Inn na um lo can ah live in na zoh thei

-Na Inn thil cang mi na record thei

-Na Phone ah thil cang rero mi a run lo sim thei

Youtube Link :

Swann 8-Channel 4K DVR Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive, 6-Camera 4K Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Printer Install dan

Network/Wireless  Printer Install dan

Na Printer Model Kaih mi Driver kha Google ah download ta aw

Tahthimnak ah

HP,Brother 7054,Lexmart 460  ect..

Network , Wireless in na connect duh

IP address kha setting in hawl aw

IP V 4 ta kha hawl aw tivek in a um ding

Na Computer Setting ah feh awla  Device and Printer ti mi click aw

Internet Cable Code

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