Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro launch is proof that the smartphone industry is going through a massive change

When Apple executives took the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater at the company’s campus in California on Tuesday, they spent a lot of time demonstrating how powerful the next iPhone’s camera is.

Apple not only provided a deep dive into the technical specifications — as it usually does during iPhone launches — of the iPhone 11 Pro’s new triple-lens camera system, but spent a significant portion of the presentation showing how the camera is advanced enough to be used by professional cinematographers in new ways.

Sean Baker, a filmmaker, was brought on stage to discuss how he used the iPhone 11 Pro’s triple-lens camera with the Filmic app to shoot through multiple lenses simultaneously. The company also showed a short film by the director Diego Contreras and the filmmaker Guillermo Garza to flaunt the iPhone 11 Pro’s video-recording prowess.

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