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View from your family smart phone


View from Smart Phone, TV and Computer

-Inn na um lo can ah live in na zoh thei

-Na Inn thil cang mi na record thei

-Na Phone ah thil cang rero mi a run lo sim thei

Youtube Link :

Swann 8-Channel 4K DVR Surveillance System with 2TB Hard Drive, 6-Camera 4K Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Printer Install dan

Network/Wireless  Printer Install dan

Na Printer Model Kaih mi Driver kha Google ah download ta aw

Tahthimnak ah

HP,Brother 7054,Lexmart 460  ect..

Network , Wireless in na connect duh

IP address kha setting in hawl aw

IP V 4 ta kha hawl aw tivek in a um ding

Na Computer Setting ah feh awla  Device and Printer ti mi click aw

Internet Cable Code

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